EPO and AIPPI discuss strategic objectives

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20 April 2018

EPO and AIPPI meeting at EPO headquarters in Munich

High-level representatives and experts from the EPO, led by President Benoît Battistelli, met with the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) Bureau headed by its President Hao Ma at the EPO headquarters in Munich yesterday.

"We were pleased to host the AIPPI delegation and have this excellent opportunity to receive feedback from our users from both inside and outside of Europe," said EPO President Battistelli. "The meeting allowed our organisations to update each other on recent developments but above all it underlined how the strategic orientations of the EPO continue to answer the needs of our users."

The EPO reported on recent developments at the Office, including advances in productivity and quality, and on strategic projects for 2018. President Battistelli provided further details on upcoming initiatives such as fee reductions, the Office's digital transformation and User Driven Early Certainty (UDEC).  

AIPPI representatives expressed their support for the increased flexibility to the patent granting process brought about by UDEC, and their appreciation for the EPO's responsiveness to different users' needs across industry sectors.

AIPPI also expressed great interest in the recent entry into force of the validation agreement with Cambodia, the very first Asian country to join the European patent system. Fast-moving developments in the area of international co-operation, including reinforced co-operation, were acknowledged as particularly advantageous to the user community.

The AIPPI is a leading international non-governmental organisation dedicated to the development and improvement of intellectual property worldwide with some 9 000 members representing more than 125 countries.

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