Patent Knowledge Week looks to the future of AI and inclusive, sustainable IP systems


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The European Patent Office (EPO) opened Patent Knowledge Week 2023 with a warm welcome to some 4 800 viewers from 92 countries. The increasingly popular annual event, held online this year from 28 to 30 November across official EPO channels, aims to meet the needs of audiences ranging from patent information specialists to newcomers, all seeking the latest insights into how patent intelligence can enhance business, research and patenting strategies.

In his welcome address, President of the EPO António Campinos highlighted the importance of strong patent knowledge: "A deep understanding of patents, and patent data, is crucial for making well-informed decisions. Decisions that move your goals forward. We want to empower you, our users, not only to access and navigate patent data. But to understand that data too, so you can act on that information.”

The “human plus AI” formula and the lifeblood of patent knowledge: patent data

This year’s focus on patent analytics and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) was reflected throughout the programme, including in the opening panel discussions, where EPO and industry experts tackled the topic from the perspective of applicants, search strategists and IP authorities. Consensus emerged around the “human plus AI” model, in which AI helps give unique human expertise and experience a new competitive edge.

The latest developments in accessing data on the Unitary Patent were also met with great interest. Further patent data highlights included deep dives into the EPO’s master data resources for worldwide bibliographic and legal event data – DOCDB and INPADOC respectively. There were also important updates on post-grant fee payments and the crucial role that patent data increasingly plays in booming areas such as fintech.

SMEs and startups – knowledge transfer – global sustainability

SMEs and startups were the focus of day two, which featured presentations on the latest joint study on startups by the EPO and European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as the EPO’s recently launched Deep Tech Finder and new AI-powered CPC text categoriser. Afternoon lab sessions complete with Q&As offered users the opportunity to learn more about key EPO patent information products such as Espacenet, PATSTAT and IPscore.

Patent Knowledge Week 2023 wrapped up with insights into the promotion of global innovation, including through PATLIB network’s Knowledge Transfer to Africa initiative, and how the sharing of patent intelligence helps contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In his closing speech, EPO Vice-President for Legal and International Affairs Christoph Ernst thanked all participants and concluded: "A wealth of knowledge has been shared this week. Let's carry forward the knowledge and connections gained. Collaborate, learn and innovate for a more efficient, inclusive and sustainable intellectual property ecosystem."

You can watch recordings, download presentations and learn more by using the links below.